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XX Software Technology Co., Ltd. of  Xingsha Economic Development Zone is located , the technology research and development of a set of large sites, network marketing software R & D as well as the network marketing service in one of the high-tech software companies is one of a handful of domestic enterprises to master the core technology in the field of network marketing software, bulk software, web crawler, a large construction site. Relying on the company's core technology, products for different industries, different sizes, different applications and solutions. At the same time, we have the perfect network infrastructure services, to businesses or individuals to provide domain name registration, web hosting, business offices, website acceleration, database, cloud host network infrastructure services. The company has an extremely rich passion, technical top team, composed of a number of years of software development experience and network marketing experience in the professional and technical personnel. Companies adhering to the "state-of-the-art technology, sincere service, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, by virtue of its powerful software technical strength, rich network planning experience, comprehensive concept of network marketing, as well as improve the operational mode, is committed to providing our customers with the most quality of service, and received wide acclaim from all sectors of society.  


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Team cast to be brilliant

  • High quality r&d and production team

    The company has more than 100 employees.Among them, there are more than 30 senior technicians;The industry experience of core production team is more than 10 years on average.The average industry experience of production staff is more than 3 years

  • Strong instrument processing capability

    Adhering to the concept of safety design, adopt the method of artificial mechanics engineering.The choice suits the human body request, does not bother the waist, still can make fitness achieves the biggest effect

  • Strict product quality inspection procedures

    We have been committed to providing our customers with world-class quality laboratory equipment and equipment through professional, meticulous and comprehensive services


Quality is everything